Broadcasting Help

Not sure how to broadcast? Here are the steps.

1. Download a broadcasting client

BUTT(broadcast using this tool) => BUTT (windows)
Altacast => Altacast (windows)
Ladiocast is good for mac => Ladiocast
Traktor works great too!

2. Enter credentials

Here is the info you need to enter in order to stream audio to our server. (You can also always see the connection info by clickin the "Go LIVE" link in the top navbar.)
  port: 9999
    username: your username
    password: your password
  mount: /myradio

Butt broadcasting

I'm using Traktor and there is no username field!

There is a workaround for this. If your source client does NOT have a username field, you can enter it in the password field in this format:
  password: username and password separated by a semicolon. example: username;password

Traktor broadcasting

Routing audio from other programs

You can use the program Soundflower to route audio to and from programs on your Mac. You can download it here:

There is a video tutorial for this here:


When you are ready to do your show add it to the schedule.