• Embed your radio stream on your own website with Streampusher embeds

    You can embed your stream or individual podcasts on your site with our embedded player.

    Embed your stream

    Click on the gear icon in the top right, then click ‘Embed’.

    Embed link

    Just copy and paste the HTML to your website. You can select a different background color as well.

    Copy paste

    Embed individual tracks

    You can also embed individual tracks you’ve uploaded to Streampusher. They will display the album artwork as well!

    Go to the ‘Media’ page.

    Click the pencil edit icon on the track you want to embed.

    track embed

    This is especially useful if you are uploading podcasts. Check out how Dent Radio is using them for their podcast episodes.

    dent radio podcasts

    The embeds should work on any website. Please contact us if you are experiencing any trouble.

  • add your streampusher station to tunein

    Tunein is a popular app for listening to radio stations, especially with their mobile apps for people on the go. Adding your station on Tunein’s directory can help you get more listeners. Here is how to get your Streampusher station listed on Tunein.

    Add your station

    Visit the TuneIn broadcasters page and click “ADD A STATION”.


    Fill out all the info. For the stream url you can click on “Direct mp3 link” on your Streampusher dashboard. (You may want to right click and selection “Copy link”)

    streampusher direct mp3 link


    After you submit your station, you should receive a confirmation email from TuneIn. It can take a couple of days before you receive the notification that your submission was successful.

    Update your station’s info

    You can edit your station later if you need to. Just click “UPDATE YOUR STATION” on the TuneIn broadcasters page.


    After you get the confirmation email you should see your page appear on TuneIn!

  • playlist shuffle feature

    Tired of hearing your playlist in the same order all the time? Now you can thrive in randomness with the shuffle feature.

    Just go to playlist settings and check the “Shuffle” checkbox. The songs in your playlist will now play in random order.

    playlist shuffle screenshot

    If you are using the interpolated playlist feature, note that the interpolated playlist will not play in random order.

    Try it out today.

  • keeping archives of your radio programming

    It is often difficult to keep 24/7 live programming when you are just getting started with your station. Having archives is a great way to introduce people to your station without requiring them to tune in at the exact times that live broadcasts are happening.


    mixcloud logo

    Unlike SoundCloud, Mixcloud has arrangements with publishers to to pay out royalties to artists that appear in the mixes you upload. In addition there is no time limit restrictions, you can upload as much as you want. Many radio stations are taking advantage of this and hosting all of their archives over at Mixcloud. One thing that Mixcloud lacks is the ability to make your podcast downloadable.



    Good ol’ XML podcasts are still in widespread use. Many people still subscribe to podcasts on iTunes. Its a bit complicated to get an XML file generated by hand, there are many services that can generate one for you (including Streampusher).



    SoundCloud is quite strict about copyright, so if you are uploading a mix with popular copyrighted music it is likely to be taken down quickly.

    However if you are using royalty free music or music you own the rights to, this is of course no problem. Talk radio or podcasts can also be well suited to SoundCloud.

    Want to automatically export all your archives to Mixcloud, an XML podcast, or all three? This feature is now on Streampusher. After you upload your tracks to streampusher, you can export them to your favorite services in just one click.

    Try it out today.

  • a new way to start an online radio station 

    I believe internet radio and streaming events can be improved significantly with today’s technologies. That’s why I’m creating streampusher.

    Creating an online radio station is a lot of work. At the minimum you need to:

    • start and manage your streaming server
    • recruit DJs and presenters
    • scheduling shows
    • promoting shows
    • manage archives and recordings

    In addition, new DJs need to be instructed how to stream, which usually involves downloading desktop software, giving them credentials to access the server via their streaming software, setting up their DJ software to output audio to the streaming software, and more.

    Streampusher intends to make this easy and will help you every step of the way.

    You can add new DJs to your station simply by entering their email address. The new DJ will receive and email automatically with instructions on how to login and stream to the server.

    add djs by entering their email address

    You can schedule shows and programming with the calendar function. You can select a DJ to host the event as well as a backup playlist that will play in the event that the DJ is unable to do the show for any reason, ensuring there is never any dead air.

    schedule events with the calendar adding a new event

    In the future, streampusher will archive recordings automatically and export them to podcasts or your favorite hosting service like mixcloud or soundcloud.

    What about when there is no live DJ, or maybe you just want to play a pre-arranged playlist of songs on your station 24/7? Use our snappy playlist editor to get your playlists on the air nearly instantly. Just drag and drop mp3s or other audio files from your desktop. You can create unlimited playlists and schedule them to play at the time of your choosing.

    create your playlists

    I’m really excited about what we can do with managing radio stations via a powerful web interface, there is so much we can automate and make easier.

    Get started today

    If you have any feedback I would love to hear it. Feel free to leave a comment below or send an email.

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